St. Peter Lutheran School features a vibrant drama program with a full stage, sound, and lighting capabilities.  Two major productions are produced each year - one at Christmas time and a full musical in the spring.  Students serve as actors, run lights and sound, and work backstage as well.  Although most major parts are performed by middle school students, students from all grades have opportunities to participate.  

Visual Arts

Our new art classroom is a fun and exciting place that the students look forward to going to.  Students in all grade levels participate in art classes throughout the week.  Students learn about different artists, art history, art appreciation, and also create art projects based on these artists art styles.    In the spring we host an art show to display all the projects that students have completed during the year.  


Students in all grade levels participate in music classes throughout the week.  Students learn about different instruments, rhythm, songs, and composers.  Students in grades K - 5 learn to sing many songs throughout the school year, grade 6 students learn to play the ukulele, while middle school students have the opportunity to participate in our handbell choir.  Students  perform at our Sunday church services a few times each year.  St. Peter also offers the opportunity for students to sign up for private music lessons in both piano and voice lessons.